grocery ecommerce website development Kerala India
Grocery eCommerce website development service in Kerala India

A grocery store eCommerce website can turn your brick and mortar physical store into an online store (an online supermarket), where your customers can order groceries, gourmet food, FMCG items, electronic items, or anything you sell at your store. Also you can collect payments online using online banking, credit cards and various UPI payment gateways available online.

This is how the grocery store you own looks like

How physical grocery stores turning in to online store in India
How physical grocery stores turning in to online eCommerce store in India

Developing an eCommerce store for your grocery store would be an option to solve all your concerns and get massive sales and profit.

There are two options for eCommerce grocery store website or app.

  • Single Seller/Vendor eCommerce website/app
  • Multi Seller/Vendor eCommerce website/app
single-vendor and multi-vendor ecommerce website design difference
Single-vendor and multi-vendor eCommerce website design difference

In a single seller website/app you can run your own store website, where you sell products from your single store location.

multi vendor ecommerce marketplace for grocery store in Kerala India
A multi vendor eCommerce marketplace for a grocery store

滚球沙巴体育In multi-vendor or multi-seller eCommerce website, you can add any number of shops or a group of shops in a particular area. Each vendor will have a separate store of their own on the website (like the one you can see in amazon.in or Flipkart etc…)

Advantages of an eCommerce website for your grocery store

Imagine your physical grocery store has limited serviceability, ie in the sense, all the physical stores operate in a time-bound manner, usually from morning to evening and the rest of the time you can’t sell.

online grocery store food delivery man India
online grocery store food delivery man

Instead, if you have an online eCommerce platform to sell groceries you can sell 24 by 7 and 365 days a year. That means you can sell all year around and any lockdown or strike does not affect your sales. It is a great advantage what you say?

The next advantage is, you can serve or sell to a large number of customers online, whereas you only serve limited customers at your physical store.

Therefore having an online eCommerce store for your grocery store is always a good idea to manage your sales more efficiently.

You can find a lot more details about how we develop eCommerce websites here in this exclusive page for ecommerce website development.

Get an Ecommerce website for grocery store

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How many days it will take to develop an eCommerce website for a grocery store

Grocery store eCommerce website takes about 7 to 15 days of development to go online.

How much does it cost to develop grocery online store website

The cost of grocery store online eCommerce website and app depend on the features and facilities available but the rates usually start from Rs38000 pls GST.

How to market grocery store eCommerce website

There are several ways to market your grocery store eCommerce website. You can use social media marketing, google product advertisements, search ads, or a custom introductory marketing campaign, offer your customers a discount on every sale as an opening offer and market it as a campaign for the 1st month to get a good amount of instant orders.

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